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Latitude Longitude GPS Full

開発者 Abhilash P A
3.6 usd

This is the full version of the app:-Cloud synchronization: Save your places and automatically a back up will be made in the cloud. Synchronize your places with other devices.-Multi user: You can create different users to gather places like: Family, Holidays, Work, etc. Login with these users in other devices and you will have your places synchronized in all of them.-Description / comments field added to each place. You can write notes in your places.-Without ads.As in the free version, besides locating very quickly your current position, it helps you create and organize your favourite places into categories (folders).You can assign a name, save the address, latitude, longitude and an image of the place, to see its location on the map, share it with your friends or show a route from your location.This application is very useful because it allows you to create different categories according to the characteristics of the sites you want to save, as sites seen during your holidays, family places, work-related locations, where you parked your car, or share a place with your friends.